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Aelia Horizon Villas 

◾️ ATHENS  <Airport>  (70 min)   ◾️   ACROPOLIS  <Parthenon>  (1 hour)
◾️ CORINTHOS (15 min)   ◾️   ANCIENT CORINTHOS  <Ancient city>  (14 min)
◾️ LOUTRA OREAS ELENIS  <Beach>  (4 min)   ◾️   ALMIRI  <Beach>  (7 min)
◾️ LOUTRAKI  <Natural thermal spas>  (17 min)   ◾️   ISTHMUS <Corinth canal>  (14 min)
◾️ OLYMPIA <Birthplace of the Olympic Games> (2.5 hours)
◾️ NAFPLIO  <First capital / Palamidi Fotress>  (52 min)   ◾️   NEMEA <Wine country>  (30 min)
◾️ EPIDAVROS  <Ancient theatre>  (1 hour)   ◾️   MYCENAE  <Archeological site>  (37 min)


Your idyllic escape awaits !

AELIA means sun and brightness...

Experience timeless elegance at Aelia Horizon Villas, a boutique luxury Greek escape. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes of the captivating mountains and tranquil sea, our meticulously designed villas offer the perfect blend of modern luxury with accents of ancient charm.

Enjoy Corinth’s vibrant agricultural landscape engulfed in flourishing olive and orange groves native to the region’s serene Mediterranean climate. 

Located near Loutra Oreas Elenis, the area prides itself on breathtaking views of the Saronic Gulf, historic thermal springs, and astonishing ruins. Immerse yourself in the rich history, savor local cuisines, and unwind in the serenity of your private haven.

This retreat provides the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. Featuring crisp glass doors and high ceilings, there is an abundance of natural light from sunrise to sunset. Each Villa is stylishly furnished and designed with state-of-the-art amenities.

Uniquely tailored with warm interior lighting and the glow of a fireplace, each villa creates a soft, whimsical environment.

The properties are equipped with avant-garde solar water heating systems and plush beds for ultimate comfort.

Walking distance from both mountainous and sea terrain, exploring Corinth’s natural beauty is made simple.

Enjoy breathtaking views, relax by the pool, and immerse yourself in local culture and hospitality.


AELIA HORIZON VILLAS consists of 4 boutique luxury villas.

THALIA, CLEO and ERATO are 80 square meters each, and extend over 2 floors. Each villa has a spacious ground floor, as well as an inviting and quaint mezzanine floor.

The living & dining room are located on the ground floor, upon entering the convenient central entrance. Surrounded by double height, five meter ceilings, along with large windows, welcoming views of the mountains, sea, pool and the estate. A warm fireplace is included in this area to accompany the natural light of the outdoors.

The ground floor is equipped with a fully equipped modern kitchen and attractive dining room table. 

The ground floor also features a large master bedroom with a queen bed, spacious wardrobes, and ensuite bathroom. 

The WC has access from the living space, as well as the pool. Each villas has a washing machine.

An internal staircase leads you to the spacious upper floor, where there is the second bedroom with two single beds (or one king bed), a plush sofabed and another ensuite double-sink bathroom. All bathrooms include a hairdryer.

In total, each villa has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1 WC (comfortably accommodating 5 adults).Each of the three villas has an intimate, private pool with a suntanning shallow section, overlooking the Corinthian landscape.

Outside each villa there are two private parking spaces.The villas can accommodate people with special needs on each of the ground floors.

▪️ SKY ▪️

SKY is a 25 sqm open plan studio with huge verandas and a private jacuzzi.

VILLA names...

CLEO: Muse of history (often holding a scroll) ▪️ ERATO: Muse of lyric and love poetry (often playing a lyre)
THALIA: Muse of comedy (often holding a comic mask) ▪️ SKY (Urania): Muse of astronomy (often holding a globe)

** The villas can be booked ALONE, or grouped TOGETHER, in order to accommodate larger groups.

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